TataWeb is a Surabaya web design service company.

We will make & decorate your website, so that it looks beautiful, quickly accessed, reliable and secure.

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Why TataWeb?

Pro Looks

We will design your website as well as possible, look professional, beautiful, beautiful to the eyes of visitors.

SEO Friendly

We will build your website structure according to the SEO hierarchy, so that Google likes your website.


Not only is it beautiful on a PC, your website will also be pretty accessible from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Fully Managed

TataWeb will fully manage your website, we provide a 99% uptime guarantee!


We will always keep your website online 24 hours, free from online attacks!

Lightning Fast

With a special concoction from the TataWeb team, your website will always be quickly accessed, anywhere in the world!




"TataWeb has succeeded in helping us create a great website that is very easy to use. We didn't even encounter any problems after a year. The TataWeb team really made our website fast, reliable & secure! I highly recommend for website needs, you can submit it to us!" TataWeb!"
H.M. Ayubi Chozin
HM Ayubi Choizin
KPPS BMT Mandiri Prosper
"Creating a web on TataWeb is indeed different. The TataWeb team really tries to help us realize the web model we want. In addition to economical prices and a very easy-to-use system, TataWeb also provides a super friendly service. Thank you TataWeb, hopefully it will continue to skyrocket with best service."
Dhani Kayu Asia Raya
M. Soleh Wardhani
PT. Great Asia Wood
"TataWeb is one of the best Surabaya web design services, which has successfully built 5 websites needed by our school. From websites for elementary, junior high, high schools, and also for mosques and the PPDB system. Good communication, reasonable price proposals, with professional design work; the foundation is very satisfied with working with TataWeb!"
Khoizin Mustafid
Khoizin Mustafid, M.Pd.I
Al-Mizan School Surabaya




Rp. 250
per month
  • Free Domains*
  • Email With Your Domain
  • Pro Looks
  • Fully Managed
  • Fully Responsive
  • SEO Friendly
  • Secure
  • Lightning Fast
  • More Features

We Will Build Your Website In Maximum 7 Days!

The TataWeb team can bring you the website of your dreams within a maximum of 7 days. Beautiful, fast & very reliable!