astro vpn


VPN (Virtual Private Network) will encrypt your connection, making your Internet surfing activities more secure from attacks man-in-the-middle.

With a Private VPN, you will get a dedicated IP that is specifically used by you, so that your privacy is more protected.




Global Availability

Choice of datacenter locations in 12 countries, please choose what you want.

Dedicated IP

Your VPN will have a specific IP address that only you are using.

Powered by AWS AMAZON

VPN quality and stability assurance, powered by AWS Amazon

Zero Data Logging

To protect your privacy, we do not record/log your VPN usage. 

Unlimited Users & Devices

Use for all office/home members! No limits.

All Gadgets

Use on all gadgets, from Laptops, PCs, smartphones & tablets. 

Secure your connection now!

You only need 1 VPN, to be used by the whole family or office!

Private VPN

Rp. 75