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Virtual Desktop Solution for Office, Hospital, Factory, etc.

Low hardware investment costs, minimal maintenance costs, easy management, saving electricity bills, small upgrade costs; suitable for offices, hospitals, factories, and other business actors.

thin clients

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About Thin Client

Currently, the computer with the lowest specifications; has a 2-4 core processor with 3.0 GHz & 2 GB RAM, with a power requirement of 100 watts. It is quite wasteful in terms of initial investment, maintenance and energy consumption for an office that uses computers for office work such as data input, typing documents (Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint), surfing the Internet, sending or receiving email.

With Thin Client technology, an office only needs 1 (one) server which can later be shared and used by staff & employees, up to 50 desks!

The virtual desktop client computer only consumes 1 to 4 watts of electricity, which is up to 99% more energy efficient than ordinary computers!


Advantages of Using Thin Client


Save Electricity Up To 99%

No need for special IT personnel

Save Maintenance Cost

More Guaranteed Data Security

Electronic Waste Reduction

Save Space

Colder Room Temperature

Noise Free